Occupied Home Staging

Designed for sellers’ continuing to live in the home during the selling process.

Requires an initial consultation to determine what can be used and what is needed in terms of supplemental furniture, area rugs, lamps, art and accessories from Hometenders Home StagingOur design specialists will tailor the look to create ambiance and the home will be remerchandised to appeal to today’s buyer.

Fees:  Staging costs will vary with size of home, number of rooms to be staged and scope of work required.

Home consultation fees:

$250 – 1500 sf and below
$300 – 2500 sf and below
$350 – 3000 sf and below
$400 – 3500 sf and below
$450 – 5000 sf and below
Price TBD – over 5000 sf
Shopping services billed separately