Welcome Home! For New Homeowners

Designed with new homeowners in mind.

How do you want your home to feel?  We are here to create a seamless transition into your new home by producing the vision you have for each space.  Services we offer include the following:

  • Unpacking and organizing
  • Furniture placement & set-up
  • Color selection services
  • Closet and cabinet makeovers
  • Wall art placement and hanging

A home consultation is required initially to determine the scope of the work and create a design plan.

Fees:  Starting at $250+ (depending on square footage of home) for initial consultation with additional time billed at $175/hour (2 hour minimum required per visit).


Home consultation fees:

$250 – 1500 sf and below
$300 – 2500 sf and below
$350 – 3000 sf and below
$400 – 3500 sf and below
$450 – 5000 sf and below
Price TBD – over 5000 sf